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About the position MGG in Tegelen has three departments: the sandcore workshop, the molding line and the finishing department. If you are looking for a three-shift job in a production environment where professionalism, safety and fun are important, MGG in Tegelen has the position for you! After a detailed tour of the company, we will decide together which department suits you best. The departments: In the core shop you will be involved in the production of sand molds into which aluminum is then poured.

So you work on the core shooters and make sure that the sand core production process runs smoothly. You also clean the cores and assemble them according to the work instructions. In the second department, the so-called molding line, you are involved in the production of the cast parts. This production line is a belt where the sand cores are placed into, both manually and with the help of a crane. In this department you also work on the cutting table, where the cast parts being cut free from the initial molding form.

In the last department - the finishing department, you are involved in the processing of castings. The work consists of grinding, sawing and cleaning of the castings. You do this with the help of hand tools. It is important that you are not afraid of getting dirty hands!

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